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(copy makes me happy!)

Hello future happy clients and collaborators!

Welcome to the page where you get to critique my work and decide if we are a good fit for each other.

Here you will find excerpts of projects I’ve completed for other clients.

To protect the integrity of the original work, and the confidentiality of my clients, I only post snippets here.

If you would like to see a more detailed smattering of my greatest hits, just let me know.


Web Content

Blog Post

Does your content reflect the unique personality of your brand?

It should. If it doesn’t, we need to talk.

I had the pleasure of developing this post for a very fun client in the wedding gown industry.

It is written in a light-hearted, playful style and meant to appeal to the bride-to-be who is looking for a different approach to finding her ideal wedding gown.

Client feedback for this project: “Melissa is great to work with. She will take the time to understand the scope of the project and create fun and lively content.”

Additional examples of web copy I’ve developed:

Long-form Article
Blog Post
Blog Post








If you need great content for your site, get in touch.

Copy for New Websites

One of my favorite types of projects is developing copy for new websites (or reworking existing copy).

Some of my best work has been for digital marketing agencies looking to shake things up and deliver a message that represents the offbeat nature of their brands. I’ve found these folks work hard, and have an excellent sense of humor about it.

(Request a lovely folio of my greatest hits here)

Reworked Existing Copy

The project you see here was developed for a client who was overhauling his website and needed a professional reworking of his existing copy – and he was on a TIGHT deadline.

He needed concise, no-frills copy that reflected the solid experience and master craftsmanship of his team.

I think we nailed it, but feel free to decide for yourself at doyourmaintenance.com.

Client feedback for this project: “After hiring several freelancers and receiving good quality work, Melissa was then hired and delivered absolutely excellent work. She has gone above and beyond my expectations. Great Job!”


Additional examples of copy developed for new or relaunched websites:

Reworked Existing Copy
New Website Copy
New Website Copy

Landing Pages

You need ’em, I’ll create ’em.

When creating landing pages I always start  by asking my clients what their specific goals are.

Sometimes they just want to share information, other times they need copy that converts, or helps them capture contact information for future marketing efforts.

Whatever your landing page needs are, I can help you achieve them.

I’ll work with you to develop copy that is engaging, concise and loaded with CTAs that help you reach your goals.

For a peek at what I can do, send me a note and I’ll send you the good stuff.

Feedback from clients needing landing page copy: 
“She brilliantly transformed one of our landing pages.”

“I love it! I particularly love the CTAs, and the general tone of it — friendly, confident and strong.”

Case Studies & White Papers

Case studies and white papers are SMOOTH operators.

They can boost the credibility of your brand and build trust with your audience while gently nudging them toward your solution oriented product or service. 

Sly.  Like a fox.

Would you like to see a some of the best case studies and white papers I have developed for other clients? (of course you would, why else would you be here?) 

Well, golly, I sure love sharing, so, just contact me here, and I’ll summon my flying monkeys to deliver some samples to your inbox lickety-split.

Client feedback on case studies & white papers: 
“Melissa is not only a talented writer and researcher, she’s a great collaborator and a natural fit to a team. She is high functioning and does not need a lot of support to lead the creation of bespoke research and composition.  
I would recommend her whole-heartedly.”

I love the final product!  I sincerely appreciate all of your dedication and effort you put into this project… I would hire you again in a heartbeat.”

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Product copy needs to do more than just inform – it needs to excite!

Whether you need straightforward copy that delivers the details on your goods, or something more entertaining, there is a skill to developing product descriptions that engage your readers and help convert them to customers.

I can help you develop the type of copy that is appropriate for your brand.

Here is an example of a couple of descriptions I created for a website that sells funny products and needed humorous copy.

I absolutely loved working on this highly entertaining project.

Client feedback on this project: “Fantastic work!”


A Wide Range of Experience 

My experience spans a wide range of industries including: tech, SaaS, marketing, education, fashion, and more.

And I can write in many different styles: professional, informational, controversial, witty, bold, sarcastic.

That means: you’ll get the content you need, tailored for your audience.

I especially love working with clients who prefer a bold approach to their copy and marketing, and aren’t afraid to embrace the quirks that make their brand unique.

Because as a reader, that’s the kind of copy that grabs my attention.



“Melissa’s style of writing is very modern.”
-Another Happy Client

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